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Specific needs

Whether your cat is an indoor or outdoor cat I can cater for your specific needs. I am also competent in administrating medication (this may incur a small surcharge, please see prices page). All of this information is captured on my Questionnaire Form.

On Each Visit

I visit your cats or caged animals in the comfort of your own home and: Replenish fresh food/water & change/clean litter Administer medication Fuss, play & socialise with your cat/caged animals Brush or comb your cat Check that the cat is generally well and happy Provide lots of re-assuring cuddles! Leave a diary for your return .

We can also

- Water your indoor and patio plants
- Alternating lighting between rooms and closing/opening curtains and blinds Bringing in post
- Sending text messages when required
- Putting out bins for collection

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